All of our cakes are filled with your choice of ganache and iced with ganache then wrapped with Pettinice fondant.

Decadent Chocolate
Beautiful delicious moist chocolate cake, pair it with milk, dark or white chocolate ganache or fill with caramel or raspberry buttercream and cover with your choice of ganache – yum!

Caramel Mud
Absolutely decadent this cake will leave you wanting more!  Fill with caramel buttercream and cover in milk chocolate ganache and you have a carmelo dream!

A favourite around here, this cake is beautiful and moist.  Goes beautifully with lemon buttercream filling, covered with white chocolate ganache.

Lemon Cake

A beautiful moist delicious lemon cake. Fill with lemon buttercream and cover with white chocolate ganache.

Lemon Gin
A great tangy cake with a bit of a kick!  Fill with lime buttercream and cover in white chocolate ganache.

Banana Cake
A great classic, fill with either lemon or chocolate buttercream and cover with white or dark chocolate ganache.

Vanilla Cake
Beautiful and light this cake goes great with any number of fillings and ganaches, the choice is yours!

Fruitcake (incurs a small extra charge)
My grandmothers tried and true recipe, covered in marzipan and then Pettincie fondant

Ganache flavours
Milk, white or dark chocolate can be flavoured with peppermint, almond, irish cream, coffee, rum, orange, raspberry, strawberry.

If there’s a flavour you want that we don’t have listed, please ask and we may be able to make it for you!